About Us

Joce Williams

At the end of October in 2014 the first Horticulture Show was launched in the Public Hall. 

It was a one-day event conceived by Joce Williams helped by a handful of her friends.


Joce had mourned the loss of the Bacchus Marsh Agriculture Show and wanted to replace the small

part of it, which was dear to her heart.  She also wanted to promote local business and the unique

fertile valley, which has always been her home.


But there was also another objective.  The Show was to be a shop front and fundraiser for the Bacchus Marsh Aquatic Centre Consortium.  The Consortium had been set up to advocate for an indoor swimming facility.  Joce saw a very great need for a sports complex, which could be used for twelve months of the year, a facility, which would provide education, exercise, recreation and therapy for every age group. 


Her vision was splendid and she put her considerable intellect into producing a comprehensive set of supporting documents to present to the Shire of Moorabool.  She also enlisted an aquatic centre architect who produced a concept plan of a centre, which was financially attainable if the Shire and the people of Bacchus Marsh got behind it.


When she became ill in 2015, a wider group of her friends decided the show must go on.  They pulled together the Show for that year, and ran it over two days, and then have continued to run it. 


The Show’s success, as a regular Bacchus Marsh event, is growing.  Every year the hall has been a riot of colour, showcasing locally grown flowers, plants and produce.  This year, it expanded to hold very successful cake decorating and photography competitions. 


The renamed Bacchus Marsh Flower & Garden Show now supports local business, community groups, craft groups and artists.  It is a testament to Joce who always brought great skill, inspiration, energy and enthusiasm to everything she did.  

The Consortium

Community Driven

The Rotary Club of Bacchus Marsh raised the need for Bacchus Marsh to have an indoor pool. As a community service organisation, with members from the local community, the benefits of an indoor pool were clear. All age groups, interests and abilities could benefit from an indoor pool. The one built in 1938 no longer meets the health, sport and recreation needs of a rapidly growing community. All children and toddlers need to be educated in water safety and learn to swim.


Community Consortium

This is a small group of Rotarians and non-Rotarians committed to working with the Shire Council in achieving an indoor pool. It has located an excellent architect and introduced him to the Shire. It has provided a plan for an indoor pool at an economical price. It has developed a concept for a multi-purpose centre, same budget as the Shire, focused on health, sport and recreation. The pool would be stage1. Dr David Stewart is the co-Chair with former Mayor, Pat Griffin. 

The Organising Committee for the Show

Bill Beale

Anne Cadzow - Secretary

Kathy Cairns

Margaret Closter

Pat Griffin - Treasurer

Jenny Hine

Glenda Hornbuckle

Karen Mather - Chair 2018, 2019

Sally Stewart

Heather Swensen

Kate Tubbs

Margaret Wardell

The committee is supported by many volunteers who are working to promote an Aquatic Centre for Bacchus Marsh


Community Fund Raising

The Shire wants the community to raise $1m towards the budget. There's an expectation that if the community wants the pool enough, then everyone will put in - sports clubs, schools, the elderly, parents of young families. The Consortium wants to run enjoyable fund-raising events. Other community groups can also take the plunge!



All funds raised are put into a trust account with Bendigo Bank, managed by Devenny Payne, Accountants. We haven't got Tax Deductibility Status at the moment - we are working on it. The Consortium keeps trying to get grants and keeps up its advocacy to local parliamentarians on behalf of the 17,000 residents in Bacchus Marsh.

Copies of the annual reports are available via the links below:

Concept Proposal